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A map app designed to help you explore more!

Find routes based on how much time you have!

Maps are all about getting you somewhere faster, what about when you have some time or just want to explore?

Wandrr is an iPhone app that creates routes based on how much time you have.

Pick 3 types of places you want to go to on the way - atm, coffee shop & museum and it'll create a route, don't like it, click for another.

Go for a wander

Wandrr on IOS

Wandrr on IOS

Release:   iOS only
Price:     Free
Available: Now

In the age of autonomous cars...

With autonomous cars nearing our roads at an ever increasing speed, the future of exploring seems to be nearing it’s end. 

Digital maps are designed to be effiecent, fast and accurate. This is a stripping of getting lost, it stops finding new ways and destroys exploring.

Well, we started to cry. Until, we realised that we could use technology to help us.

Can tech help you explore an old city, a new neighbourhood.

Can serendipity be created with 1’s & 0’s? 

A piece of software that shows you the long way around, that helps you take as long as you want in getting from A to B would normally be classed as broken, as faulty. 

Stripping away effiecency, makes software that forces or enables you to explore more.

Go wander 

Wandrr on IOS

How do you do. My name is Omar Karim and I would like to tell you about my good friends, Prawn Comet.

A Prawn Comet Experiment